milanese design meets contemporary performance

Pressure represents Cinelli’s answer to the performance cyclist’s need for aerodynamic tube profiles, integrated wiring and an aggressive road feel using the language of Milanese design accompanied by bold graphics

integrated aero cockpit

Meet Vito, 34 years old, professional skipper living in Genova, “star” of the very first Cinelli Quaderni, dedicated to our 2023 road bikes. Ex-track bike obsessive and founder of Italy’s most prestigious fixed gear race, Respvblica, Vito today is dedicated to the craft of road cycling

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Pressure Team Colpack Ballan CSV custom edition 2023

In 2023 the Pressure is raced by Team Colpack Ballan CSV, the most successful development team in the history of Italian cycling

Together with Italian cycling blog, Ciclismo Furioso, we have chosen to follow the dreams of four young rising stars of the team as - over the course of the 2023 season - they sacrifice everything to chase the hallowed goal of every young competitive road cyclist: to turn professional. Follow the story here