100% Made in Italy from Columbus XCR stainless steel tubing and featuring Italian racing geometry, round oversized tubes (38.4mm downtube with oriented ellipses), disc brakes, titanium headbadge, fastback seat stays, handpolished mirror finish and a 1700g true frame weight, Cinelli XCR is the only performance frame in the world that will continue be raced by your children and grandchildren.

Fastback seat stays

Handpolished stainless steel

Cinelli Quaderni
Road Bikes 2023
Genova, December
Vito and Daniele

Meet Vito and Daniele, apprentice and mentor, friends, avid explorers of the landscapes of Genova and its surroundings and stars of Cinelli’s 2023 Road Bike quaderni. Click here to watch the full video discover more about their favourite spots!