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Zydeco E-MUD



  • T800 Monocoque carbon frame and fork for 12,8kg complete bike weight
  • 100km or 1000m ascent range for new adventures
  • Internal hub motor allows for the E–Mud to maintain a 100% pure gravel geometry
  • Dedicated app for all functions, custom configurations and detailed info
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The Zydeco E-Mud is Cinelli’s first e-bike, fruit of our experience developing the iconic King Zydeco. The E-Mud in fact maintains the same geometry and mould features of the King to guarantee a pure, unadulterated fast gravel feeling for the E-Mud. The use of an internal hub in fact allows for shorter chainstays than other Gravel e-bikes on the market and thus a faster, funner ride. Other features include 12,8kg complete bike weight, 100km or 1000m ascent range and a dedicated app for custom configurations and data.