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  • The world’s ultimate luxury performance bicycle
  • Global limited edition of 20 pieces
  • Made in Italy
  • “All road” geometry combining cues from 1950s Supercorsa design and contemporary endurance riding position
  • World’s lightest steel tubeset: Columbus XCR stainless steel
  • Custom anodized Classified Powershift rear hub and wheels
  • Custom C-13 Brooks saddle, Made in England
  • Custom Rons Bikes Fab Abs handlebar bag, Made in USA
  • Sram Red Etap AXS groupset
  • Ingrid CES pop crankset, Made in Italy
  • Chris King Inset 7 headset, Made in USA
  • René Herse Stampede Pass 32c tyres, Made in Japan

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The XCR75 is the ultimate luxury performance bicycle in the world. Manufactured in a limited edition of only 20 pieces, it combines the world’s lightest steel tubeset, Columbus’ stainless steel XCR, with an “all road” geometry that combines cues from Cino Cinelli’s 1950s Supercorsa designs with contemporary advances in endurance riding positions, with industry-changing Classified internal hub system (with an exclusive splash anodization finish developed specifically for Cinelli) with probably the most stylish handlebar bag in the world (custom edition of the fabled Ron’s Bikes Fabs Abs) a Brooks C-13 that has never previously existed and was made exclusively to our specifications and many, many, other details. Immediate reactions of experienced riders will focus on the performance feel of the bike – rigidity and responsiveness comparable to carbon fiber – despite the more “forgiving” geometry which allows for greater wheel clearance (the bike is equipped with 32mm René Herse Stampede Pass tyres, the Golden Standard in all-road and endurance tyres). On long rides, though, the more subtle and rare “flavours” of the bicycle will emerge and riders will be able to savour the true luxury of stainless steel’s ability to absorb vibrations and offer the perfect amount of elasticity (as well as the smoothness of the René Herse Stampede Pass 32c tyres we have chosen) that makes technical and long-distancing riding even more pleasurable.